"Belle adores beauty and believes every woman is special"



Belle Nails & Spa is a beauty spa dedicated to consistently providing excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere. We focus on accommodating you with a relaxing environment to restore and refresh your body, mind and spirit.


Belle provides a range of beauty services and products of highest quality. The Spa has come to life with a purpose – to provide the necessary space for ladies to unleash their inner passion. We dedicate this to all women out there, you deserve it!


Experience a new approach to the art of Nails, skin care and the human body majestic in its might!


The Puzzle that is Belle


We have managed to assemble together the pieces that make for an unforgettable Spa experience. A radiant attitude, highly technical and specialized services, innovative products, and a heavenly atmosphere - calm, vibrant and above all clean!


We provide affordable prices and special offers on a variety of exclusive beauty products, some of them introduced to the UAE for the first time!


We accommodate those who seek to restore and refresh their body, mind and essence, while respecting human diversity, creativity and hard work.