Belle Nails & Spa offers a wide range of products from top high quality brands that include:


  • Nails:  Manicures, pedicures, polish, nail art, designs and sculptured nails;  
  • Skin Care:  Facials, face masks and scrubs;
  • Body Care:  Body waxing, body scrub and massage;
  • Hair Care:  Haircut, brushing, hair color and treatment.



Nail Indulgence        
Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple      
Manicure:   Classic:  AED 70 French:  AED 80  
Pedicure:  Classic:  AED 80 French:  AED 90  
Cut & File: AED 25        
Callus off: AED 50        
Foot Scrub: AED 30        
Glow Nail Polish: AED 30        
French Polish: AED 40        
Gelish Removal: AED 30        
Gel Removal: AED 50        
Acrylic Removal: AED 70
Gellish Everlasting Color       
Regular Gelish: AED 330 Manicure: AED 120 Pedicure: AED 130
Removal & Application: AED 330 Manicure: AED 150 Pedicure: AED 160
French Gelish: AED 330 Manicure: AED 130 Pedicure: AED 140
Removal & Application: AED 330 Manicure: AED 160 Pedicure: AED 160
Acrylic & Gel      
Acrylic: Full Set: AED 350 Refill: AED 200    
Gel  Full Set: AED 300 Refill: AED 180    
Gel On Natural Nail Set AED 200  
Nails Art        
Dare to Create        
Starting:  AED 20 Repair:  AED 20      
Divine Touch         
Paraffin Hands:  AED 90 Paraffin feet:  AED 100      
Luxury Spa Manicure: AED 110 Luxury Spa Pedicure: AED 130      
Callus Pedicure: AED 130        
Little Ladies         
Mini Manicure: AED 35        
Mini Pedicure: AED 40        
Mini Polish Change: AED 20        
Gorgeous Facials         
 Profile Upgrade        
Belle’s Face Express: AED 250        
This is a deep moisturizing treatment that is perfect for
all skin types which gives an instant glow and a therapeutic touch.
Belle’s Face Lift: AED 350        
 This is a deep cleansing facial treatment that tightens,
Exfoliates and tones with a highly anti-ageing effect. 
The Lash Room         
 Be the Look, Look Ahead        
Extensions:  Full Set: AED 600  Half Set: AED 400    
Refill:  2-Week: AED 250  3-Week: AED 350    
Extension Removal: AED 110        
Lower Lashes: AED 175        
Eyelash Tint: AED 60        
Eyebrow Tint: AED 70        
Skin Care Body Care         
Body Pleasure        
Soul Sensation        
Full Body        
Scrub: AED 200        
Detox Treatment: AED 300        
Swedish Relaxing Massage: AED 250        
Thai Hot stone Massage:  AED 350        
Reflexology Massage:  AED 75        
Back and Neck Massage in the chair:  AED 75        
Back and Neck Massage in the room:  AED 150        
Wax & Threading        
Subtle Approach        
Full Arms: AED 70  Half Arms: AED 40        
Hands: AED 20         
Fingers: AED 10         
Full Legs: AED 100  Half Legs: AED 60       
Bikini Line: AED 50         
Full Bikini: AED 100         
Full Back or Chest: AED 75  Half Back or Chest: AED 40       
Buttocks: AED 30         
Full Body Hair Removal: AED 350         
Upper Lip: AED 20         
Nose: AED 20         
Side: AED 20         
Chin: AED 20         
Eyebrow: AED 30         
Forehead: AED 20         
Full Face: AED 100         
Hair Services        
Short:  AED 100         
Medium:  AED 120         
Long:  AED 150         
Hair Cuts        
Fringe:  AED 50         
Hair Trim:  AED 130         
Hair Cut:  AED 180         
Hair Color        
Roots:  AED 250         
Full Color Short:  AED 350         
Full Color Medium: AED 400         
Full Color Long:  AED 500         
Full Color Extra Long:  AED 600        
T-section:  AED 300         
Half Head:  AED 400         
Full Head:  AED 500         
Hair curling and Straightening        
Short Hair:  AED 130         
Medium Hair:  AED 180         
Long Hair:  AED 220         
Hair Style        
Hair Style:  AED 250         
Up do:  AED 550         
Bridal Style:  AED 1000         
Hair Treatments        
Short Hair:  AED 150         
Medium Hair:  AED 180         
Long Hair:  AED 200         
Hair Texture
Keratin Treatment, Hair Botox 
Short:  AED 1000         
Medium:  AED 1500         
Long:  AED 2000         
Extra Long:  AED 2500